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Slimming World Tweaks

Tweaking…no it’s not the latest Mylie Cyrus dance craze, it’s a term you may – or may not – have come across if you are on the Slimming World plan and are by nature a bit of a sneak, who likes to find cheeky ways to get round the syn barrier.

Certain foods on Slimming world as classed as free, which strictly means you can eat as much as you like. Potatoes, beans, rice and pasta are just a few examples of these and are the reason why you never have to go hungry and starve yourself, to rid yourself of those extra inches.

Now obviously there are some junk or snack foods such as crisps and pizza, which really aren’t a good idea when you’re trying to slim but that doesn’t of course mean we don’t get the worst cravings ever for them – and that is where tweaks come in.

Some followers of the eating plan argue that if you have a free food – say potatoes – meaning you can eat as many as you like, then there is no need to totally miss out on snack foods as you can, for example, use them to make homemade crisps…sounds good right? but here’s the dilemma…Slimming World say these foods are only ‘free’ if they are used as intended ie: for a main meal.

Slimming World Tweaks - Crisps

The thinking behind the plan is and the reason you are allowed as many of these free food items as you like, is that they have the added benefit of filling you up and leaving you feeling satisfied, after all, there are only so many potatoes you can eat a day (…no, that’s not a challenge), so it all works out for your benefit in the end. But of course if you decide to slice those potatoes up and cook them, you can have rather a lot of crisps…leading to the scenario where you just sit idly back and stuff your face without thinking twice about it. At that point the food is not used in it’s ‘original intended form’ and because you may well eat a larger volume than is beneficial…those calories must be counted as syns…geddit?

So that’s the official line on tweaking but some members of Slimming World aren’t so sure about that. The argument exists that if you were to have an extra potato for dinner, isn’t that the same as taking that extra potato and using it to make crisps?

Slimming World Tweaks - Doritos

It’s a fine line and I think that at the end of the day you have to decide for yourself. personally I don’t see that a small amount of tweaking should be a problem as the food could still be within range of what you would naturally eat during the day. If of course, you plan to go for the Guinness world record of stuffing your face with as many snack foods as you can in a limited amount of time, you kinda deserve the thunder thighs and bingo wings you’ll get in return.

Keep an eye on the pages here – I’ll be trying out any good ones that I discover along the way – and if you have any to share, please let me know!

Opinion Minion

Short opinion, be sensible and don’t overdo it. Tweaks come in handy for cravings and even for party food when entertaining, so use your loaf and I think you’ll be fine.

Little Devil

Use with care…be greedy and stuff your face with them and instead of losing the weight, you’ll start piling it on.


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