‘Beans with Bite’ On Toast


Slimming World - Beans with Bite


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There’s plenty of ways to work up a sweat and if a night at the gym doesn’t appeal, why not try some beans with bite! Hot and fiery, they’re great served on a couple of slices of wholemeal bread and will certainly warm you up on a cold night!


Slimming World - Beans with Bite



2 x tins baked beans
1 x white onion
1 x green pepper
3 x cloves garlic
4 x tsp garlic granuales
2 x tsp cumin (heaped)
1 x tsp paprika
1 x tsp tumeric
1 x tsp mild chilli
1 x tsp cayenne pepper
Coarse ground black pepper

2 x slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)


Slimming World - Beans with Bite


Cooking Method

1. Empty Beans into pan and cook on a low/medium heat.

2. Dice onion and green pepper, crush garlic and add to pan.

3. Mix spices and add to beans, mix really well.

4. Cook until slightly thickened and serve hot.


Slimming World - Beans with Bite


Opinion Minion

One of my favourites! Filling, warming comfort food that warms the cockles! Great on toast, in a wrap or as a side dish, also goes great with Mexican fajitas.

Little Devil

If you don’t like heat or garlic burn, tone them down a bit.
Conditions ahead…windy!



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