Twisted Silver Rainbow Bracelet, Disco Beads

Disco Beads - Twisted Silver Rainbow Bracelet

‘Disco Beads’…if you haven’t heard of them and you love jewellery that’s oozing with fun you’re in for a treat!

I first discovered Disco Beads while wandering round the lovely little town of Looe in Cornwall. A glance in the window and it was love at first sight, the most amazing bracelet was just sitting there, beautifully reflecting the sunlight. I was hooked from that point onwards.

Disco Beads - Twisted Silver RainbowBracelet

Disco beads are, without a doubt, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before..I know, standard cheesy adverts all say things like that but this isn’t an advert and this is about my personal property, so I have nothing to gain from it! You’ll probably take a look at the pictures shown here and assume they are re-touched in Photoshop or given an extra glow by the crafty hand of a canny marketing professional, well…nope!

Disco Beads - Twisted Silver RainbowBracelet
Disco Beads - Twisted Silver RainbowBracelet

The pictures here are real and what you see, really is what you get. The beads are quite unique and have the most amazing reflective properties. In a regular dull light, you will see a standard pretty bracelet…but as soon as sunlight, or a direct light source hits it, boom! The most amazing glowing colours shine from the jewellery, giving a 3D effect that doesn’t look real until you experience it for yourself.

Disco Beads - Twisted Silver RainbowBracelet

I’ve already purchased this simply fabulous jewellery as a gift and, as each piece comes in a wonderfully pretty little organza bag with matching drawstring ribbon, it can’t fail to impress. Watch their faces as you shine a light on it and the beads transform!

Disco Beads - Twisted Silver RainbowBracelet

Disco Beads come in a range of different items to wear or even to decorate your home. I just adore them and shall definitely be buying more in future, if you love colourful, fun jewellery, I strongly suggest you take a peek at the goodies this brilliant Cornish company have to offer!

Opinion Minion

“Great value, gorgeous, fun, colourful and truly unique!
Can’t praise this jewellery enough, I’m truly addicted and am now passing the addiction onto everyone who sees these fabulous beads!”


To find out more about Disco Beads, take a look at their website!

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    Zoe Peach 17/03/2016 at 1:41 pm

    Got 3 items of disco Beads, I love them! so cheerful and remind me that summer is coming! 🙂

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    Zoe Peach 17/03/2016 at 1:52 pm

    Maria-Louise Cinnamon Woodward

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