Product Review - Tesco Fresh Flowers

Product Review – Tesco Fresh Flowers.

I adore fresh flowers at home, with all these dark rainy days, they add a real touch of sunshine indoors and brighten the mood of the house, so when I was given the chance to review these lovely fresh flowers from Tesco, I jumped at the chance!

Product Review - Tesco Fresh Flowers

I received my £5 flower voucher #trieditfree through the Tesco Orchard programme and had to decide whether to search for a bunch of flowers for £5 (or less)..or perhaps put it towards a larger bunch. I’ll be honest, I had my doubts that I could get a decent bunch for £5 but I figured it would be the fairest way to do this review, so off I set to Tesco to see what I could find.

Product Review - Tesco Fresh Flowers

Well, I was actually genuinely surprised with what £5 will get you…it was a no-brainer for me when I saw this gorgeous bunch, I actually picked them up thinking they would cost more and really pleased when I saw they matched my £5 budget exactly. Beautiful deep pink roses with white freesias that smelt divine, it was an easy choice to make!

Product Review - Tesco Fresh Flowers

As well as my £5 voucher, Tesco had also kindly provided some £1 flower vouchers for me to give out to friends. I gave one to my other half, staring pointedly at the in-store display of fresh daffodils for £1…he decided to spontaneously buy some then and there…totally unexpected and a fabulous extra treat! 😉

I’m really into displaying flowers in jars at the moment, so I got my little collection out as soon as I got home. It gives them a modern and retro twist at the same time…and the simplicity of the jar really shows the flowers off to their best advantage in my opinion. It’s all a matter of taste of course but if you have a large mayonnaise jar or similar hanging around, give it a good wash and try it – you might like it too – I think these look amazing!

Product Review - Tesco Fresh Flowers

Product Review - Tesco Fresh Flowers

The flowers looked fabulous at home, bright, cheerful and with a fabulous scent to them. The label on the packaging said that they would last up to 5 days but these easily lasted 7 and I enjoyed every single day of them. Would I go back for some more?…most definitely! Tesco has now been firmly added to my list of favourite places to buy flowers from and for such a cheap price, I won’t feel guilty about spoiling myself every now and then!

Opinion Minion

I really didn’t expect to get that kind of quality for £5. Will definitely be going back for more!

Little Devil

I honestly can’t find anything negative to say about these (I tried!), if you love flowers, I honestly think you’ll be as impressed by the price and quality as I was…and maybe just a little bit surprised too!


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