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Beauty by Earth Facial Toner

I’m an avid user of toner – every morning and every night, once you get into a routine it’s pretty hard to break. To be honest I usually use plain witch hazel as it leaves my skin feeling so clean, is cheap and is the base of a lot of other toners anyway, so to use something a bit nicer was rather a treat!

The bottle comes in a lovely box, brown textured cardboard with an attractive design on and would make a really impressive gift, even the label securing the box looks good, you really can’t fault this company for their design. Inside the box, the bottle is just as good looking, made of plastic it’s a deep brown colour with a blue and white label. The top of the bottle has a spray pump and the clear lid that sits over it fits nice and securely with no leakage.

The directions on the bottle advise that you can either spray the toner or apply by cotton wool. As it’s what I’m used to, I took the cotton wool option and simply unscrewed the lid instead of using the spray – no problem at all. The scent of the toner is simply gorgeous..the first thing that came to mind when opening the bottle was making rose perfume as a child (I’m showing my age now!). The beautiful smell of rose petals is one that will always stay with me and is pretty hard to beat, add to that the other ingredients including, witch hazel, aloe vera and cucumber and you have all my favourites in one bottle!!

Beauty by Earth Facial Toner

Applying the toner was easy and felt wonderfully cooling on my skin. There’s no sting at all, as with some harsher toners and your face is left feeling soothed and smelling fantastic. Being all natural ingredients, this wonderful product is also good for soothing sore skin, aiding the healing of bruising, soothing sunburn and razor burn and so much more. You are also able to spray it over make-up during the day as a quick pick-me-up! This product is not tested on animals and is vegan, something which I personally find very important.

Beauty by Earth Facial Toner

The toner is also said to remove make-up, which I didn’t try and reduce puffiness (which with hazel is well known for). It has all natural, organic ingredients and with its spray top, can also be used as a skin freshener throughout the day.

I had the 125ml bottle for £14.50 which is quite expensive, so I’d recommend getting the 240ml bottle for £15.25 instead – twice the size, for just a few pennies more, well worth it!

Opinion Minion

“Gorgeous smell, lovely product and classy packaging.
More of a special treat than an everyday item – get the bigger bottle for better value!
Extra points for being vegan friendly and not tested on animals!”



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